Monday, April 23, 2012

Fly from Here

感動再び 渋谷公会堂

これ ↑ 着て行きました 周りがスーツばっかりで直前までコート着てた

今回のツアーTシャツ 前
同じく 後ろ

懐メロを懐かしむって なんだかとっても老人チックで嫌だったけど


Intro BGM: Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

1. Yours Is No Disgrace

2. Tempus Fugit

3. I've Seen All Good People

4. And You and I

5. Steve Howe Solo

 a. Solitaire

 b. Second Initial

6. Fly from Here

 a. Overture

 b. Part1. We Can Fly

 c. Part 2.  Sad Night at the Airfield

 d.  Part 3.  Mad Man at the Screens

 e.  Part 4.  Bumpy Ride

 f.  Part 5.  We Can Fly Reprise

7. Heart of the Sunrise

8. Owner of a Lonely Heart

9. Starship Trooper

 ( including ad libs by Chris Squire (Bass), Geoff Downes (Keyboards) and Steve Howe (Guitar)  )

-- Encore --

10. Roundabout

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